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Brother or Sister through Adoption:
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Resources: Adoption Disruption and Dissolution


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Adoption Policy Resource Center
This website is a service of Adoption Subsidy Advocates. It covers the guidelines necessary to negotiate a subsidy agreement for those families adopting from the child welfare system. In addition, families may obtain consultation regarding subsidy matters. The website is operated by Tim O’Hanlon. Subsidy may play a crucial role in funding for out-of-home treatment. Families want to know their entitlements and rights in cases involving displacement and dissolution.

Ranch for Kids
The "Ranch For Kids Project" is a registered nonprofit corporation in the States of Wyoming, Montana and Maryland with 501(c)(3) status. This project has established a Christian home for "at risk" Russian and other adoptees who may be experiencing difficulties in their new families in the U.S. This program was developed through joint cooperation with agencies and child welfare organizations where troubled children adopted from Russia and other countries could come for respite care and/or referral to licensed agencies for placement into a new adoptive home.



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