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Welcome to my website! I’ve built a place of in-depth information about all facets of adoptive family life. I especially want to help adoptive parents experiencing difficulties—post-placement, and I want to assist prospective adoptive families just embarking on their journey. I offer pre-adoptive folks an honest look at the types of issues presented by today’s waiting children—domestic and international. Professionals will find abundant resources to better educate their staff and the families they serve. There is something for each member of the adoption community on this website!

The website includes 4 key areas:

  • Supporting Brothers and Sisters Video Clips—this video is comprised of five families. Each family is parenting a combination of “typical” children, and adopted children who entered the family with a history of trauma. These parents and kids talk about their expectations, losses, coping strategies and the positive aspects of forming a family by adoption. Make sure to check out the segment spotlighting two of the adoptees. They provide honest insight about what it is like to enter and join an existing family.

  • My Book: Brothers and Sisters in Adoption: Helping Children Navigate Relationships when New Kids Join the Family—this book covers the adoption process one chapter at a time! The book actually looks at each member of the family—parents, brothers, sisters and the adoptee. Throughout the book you’ll find that interspersed with content are stories written by adoptive family members themselves. The accounts of the mothers, fathers, siblings and adoptees make my words come alive. Check out the full book description, table of contents and reviews! Complete your library with a copy today.

  • My Articles—do you need help with troubling behaviors—lying, stealing, peeing, pooping, food issues? Are you seeking ways to help your typical kids cope? Do you need help understanding the trauma your adoptee experienced pre-adoption? Are you working to prepare yourself for the arrival of your new son or daughter? Do you want to stay current with trends within the adoption community? You’ll find short articles on all these topics as well as many other issues! The articles are designed with the busy parent and professional in mind—they are short and to the point!

  • Resources, resources and more resources! I’ve packed this website with a vast array of books, websites, blogs, videos and facebook friends! The resources are divided into categories so you can find what you need with ease!

I’ll be adding new information to the site on a regular basis, so please visit frequently!

If you have any questions or want to suggest a topic for me to write about, you can reach me at arletajames@gmail.com or on facebook.

Arleta James, PCC



Brothers and Sisters in Adoption: Helping Children Navigate Relationships When New Kids Join the Family

Brothers and Sisters in Adoption is a 2010 Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient among adult adoption books and is the winner of the 2010 Benjamin Franklin Award as best book in the Psychology genre!

Arleta James, PCC, a therapist with the Attachment and Bonding Center of Ohio, has become well known on the speaking circuit for her expertise in working with adoption-expanded families. In Brothers and Sisters in Adoption she shares what she has learned about integrating children who arrive at the newborn stage and at older ages —with histories of institutionalization, abuse, neglect, etc. — into families which already contain kids born into them or adopted by them who are developing predictably and “normally.”

From years of working with families who have adopted domestically and internationally, Arleta has developed practical tools for assisting parents, already-resident children and the older-adopted children who join them to use in accepting one-another’s unfamiliar behavior and culture and merging them, so that the family can forge strong connections and attachments to one another.

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