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Adjusting Expectations Pre- and Post-Adoption

The Development of Realistic Expectations Pre-Adoption: Myth or Actuality?


A Pre-Adoptive Expectation: “My Spouse or Partner want to Adopt”


Maybe When I’m 25 I’ll be Grateful!


A Pre-Adoptive Expectation: “I Don’t want to Deal with Birthparents”


The “Eyes” Have It


50 Wonderful Songs about Love, Family and Adoption


Theraplay: Enhancing Attachment, Building Trust, Having Fun


“We are Family”: The Importance of Claiming to Enhance Attachment in Adoptive Families

Ensuring the Attachment of Newly Arrived Infants – Part One & Part Two
Psychological “Fit”: A Place Where Parents, Brothers, Sisters and the Adoptee must come Together

“You are the Mom”: Helping Your Child Join Your Family

To Laugh or Not to Laugh: Humor and Adoptive Families


Nurture: The Ring that Holds the Keys – Part One & Part Two

Nurture and the Sexually Abused or Aggressive Adoptee

A Bit About the Brain

The Brain on Trauma


Neurofeedback: Training the Brain

Implicit Memories: The Roots of Today’s Behavioral Challenges – Part One & Part Two


Consequences vs. Reactions: Parent “Deerly”


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Thinking About the Adoptee’s Trauma

Adoption Resources

Listening Your Way to Healing


A Safe Place for Caleb: A Wonderful Resource for Healing Traumatized Adoptees


Bi-Polar Disorder: Ten+ Resources


A Baker’s Dozen of Articles: Caring for the Adoptee


Caring for the Typical Children: A Baker’s Dozen +


Summer Reading for the Adoptee: Two A+ Resources

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: An Explosion of Information

Books, Movies and Websites for Typical and Adopted Children

Managing Behavioral Difficulties

Another Crazy Whopper!: Understanding and Dealing with Lying – Parts One & Two


Throw Away the Stickers! A Perspective on Reward Systems


“Stinky Business”: Pee and Poop Issues in Adoptive Families – Part One & Part Two


As Mother’s Day Approaches: The Role of Triggers in Adoptive Families


Affection is Wonderful: Will the Behaviors Ever Stop?


The Art of Praising Your Adopted Son or Daughter

Ask Not “Why?”, But “What?”


Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: What to Pick?


Take a Time Out from Time Out: Connecting with Your Son or Daughter


One to Five: A Continuum of Healing the Adoptee


Anything We Can’t Find, He Stole! Parts One, Two, Three & Four



Shhh!: “Quiet” Parenting Zone Ahead


Getting Started with Quiet Parenting

Oh, the Behaviors!” Developing Value Competency – Part One & Part Two


Getting Full On Parents, Instead Of Food


Parenting and Healing the Aggressive Adopted Child

Moving Children with Sensitivity

“Their Past:” Photos, Video, Audiotape and More…


Sensitively Moving the Older International Adoptee


Moving: Through the Eyes of the Child

Talking to Kids About Adoption

Talking with Children about Their Orphanage Background: A Guide to Using “Borya and the Burps” – Parts One & Two

Adoption and School Issues

Time, Energy and Priorities: Homework or Monopoly?


Public School, Homeschool…How Should My Adopted Child be Educated?
School and Adoption—Answering Adoption-Related Questions: Adoptees, and Brothers and Sisters Need Responses!


Adoption-Competent Mental Health Services

What is All this Alphabet Soup: Understanding Children’s Mental Health Diagnoses


Parents Belong in Their Children’s Therapy


The Plant: A Perspective for Professionals

Issues for Adoption Professionals

Single Parent Adopters: Wonderful Families for Kids


While Families Wait: Ongoing Adoption Education for Prospective Adoptive Families


Adoptive Family Home Studies: What’s in a Question?

Parental Self-Care/Parent Issues

“You are a Good Parent”:  Areas of Mastery Must be Recognized and Enhanced

Why Won’t You Believe Me?: Splitting in the Adoptive Home

Will I Love My Adopted Child as Much as My Birth Child?

Adoption + Mental Health Issues = Invisible – Parts One, Two & Three

“Am I the ‘Right’ Mom for This Child?” Part One & Part Two

Adopting a Child with a History of Trauma: Impact on Parents’ Self-Image

Time, Energy and Priorities: Sleep On It!


Ending the Cycle of Blaming Adoptive Parents: The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study


The Parallel Healing Process: Preventing “Button Pushing”, Promoting Peace

“I Am a Terrible Parent!”: Not! Absolutely, Not! Parenting the Traumatized Adoptee

Caring for the Typical “Normal” Kids

Where are the Support Groups for Typically-Developing Children?
This is Not the Brother or Sister I Expected: The Need to Prepare the Typical Children


 “Yes” There are Positives for the Typical Kids!


Time, Energy and Priorities: One Habit You’ll Want to Keep


A Sibling Thanksgiving: One Mom’s Tradition


“Family Talks” about the Brother or Sister Joining the Family

Typical Children: Afloat on a Sea of Grief


Sibling Rivalry in Adoptive Families – Part One, Part Two & Part Three


“Help Me Cope!”: Caring for the Typical Kids in Adoptive Families – Part One & Part Two

Adolescent Adoptees

Teen Sexuality within a History of Sexual Abuse


Disruption and Dissolution of Adoptions

A Summary of a Study of Eastern European Adoption Dissolutions

The Adoptee Leaves the Family: Helping the Brothers and Sisters Who Remain in the Home – Part One & Part Two

Enhancing Fun and Play in Adoptive Families

Having Fun In Adoptive Families: Not and Oxymoron!


5 Tips to Help Adoptive Families Have Fun This Summer

Does Your Child Really Play?: Finding Your Traumatized Adoptee’s Playful Side! Part One and Part Two


Fathers and Adoption

As Father’s Day Approaches: Strengthening the Role Of Adoptive Dads – Part One & Part Two A Resource Site for Fathers in Adoption and Foster Care


Adoptive Dads, Timing and the Adoptee Affected by Trauma


A Blueprint to Relationships: Building Your Role as Dad  - Part One & Part Two


Grief and Loss Issues

“Let’s Make a Deal: Bargaining as an Expression of Grief


Trauma and The Impact of Trauma on Child Development

“Act Your Age:” The Vineland Adaptive Behavioral Scales


“Sorry:” Building Your Adoptee’s Moral Development

Time, Energy and Priorities: What’s for Dinner?

Speech and Language Development in Adoptees

I’d Like to Trust You, But Can I?

Neglect: There is No Such Thing as “a Little”

“He or She is So Smart”: The Many Facets of Intellectual Development

“I’m Not Lazy:” The Development of Initiative in Traumatized Adoptees – Part One & Part Two

How Full is Your Bucket? Reciprocity and the Traumatized Adoptee

Transcultural and Transracial Adoption Issues

Transcultural and Transracial Adoptees: The Development of Racial and Cultural Identity

Transcultural Adoptees: The Development of Cultural Awareness

Inside Transracial Adoption: White Siblings in Transracial Families

Pact, An Adoption Alliance: An A+ Source of Information about Transcultural and Transracial Adoption

The Voices of Adult Transcultural Adoptees: Listening to the Messages and Taking Action

Pre-Adoption Issues

 Finding a Pediatrician for Your Adopted Child

While Families Wait: Ongoing Adoption Education for Prospective Adoptive Families

 Finances and Financing An Adoption: Important Considerations and Resources

Deliberate Toddler Adoption

Promoting Sexual Safety in Adoptive Families

Are We Making Progress With Our Adopted Child?

Progress and Dieting: The Two have Much in Common

Progress: Look Back Rather than Ahead

General Adoption Issues

2009 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces


The American Orphan

It’s Time!: National Adoption Awareness Month 2009

Adopting Sibling Groups
Adopting Sibling Groups: Is the Youngest of the Group the Healthiest?




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