Welcoming a New
Brother or Sister through Adoption:
From Navigating New Relationships to Loving Families



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Welcoming a New Brother or Sister Through Adoption: From Navigating Relationships to Loving Family




1 “I’m Getting a Brother or Sister!”: Kids Develop Expectations Pre-Adoption

2 “My New Brother or Sister Experienced Trauma: What Does that Mean?”

3 Pre-Adoption Preparation: “Yes, we brothers and sisters need information”

4 “I am a ‘quality’ parent!”: Reviewing and Refining Your Parenting Strengths

5 Finally! My New Brother or Sister is Arriving!

6 “After He Came, Everything Changed!”: Post-Placement Challenges

7 “My Brother or Sister Won’t be Living with Us Any More”: Disruption, Dissolution, Displacement and Other Leavings

8 “Help Me Cope, Please”: Striking a Balance Post-Adoption

9 Triggers, Losses and Feelings: Facilitating Your Son’s and Daughter’s Grief

10 “You Know Your Birthmother and I Don’t”: Blending Children with Diverse Birth Histories—an Emerging Common Challenge

11 “My New Sibling’s Behaviors are so Bizarre!” Learning to be a Peaceful Family Again

12 Two of the Toughest Behaviors—Sexual-Acting Out and Aggression:  Ensuring a Safe, Secure Home Environment

13 “We Hardly have Family Game Night Anymore”: Restoring Family Fun

14 “Yes, I have Experienced Positives!” Brothers, Sisters and Adoptees Speak about the Benefits of Adoption



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